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  • Item #: B3301-333
  • Manufacturer: CHARLES OWEN

The Suprema is a classic: striking, simple and slender. The 24-karat gold-plated ROECKL hand logo is a real eyecatcher. The glove is made from Suprema, a high-quality synthetic leather material that was developed exclusively by ROECKL and both looks and feels like real Napa leather. It is supple, elastic and highly breathable. In addition, it ensures a perfect grip on the reins, thereby fostering the bond between horse and rider. And thanks to the excellent fit, the glove also fits like a second skin and guarantees maximum tactility. Very convenient: The Suprema is easy to clean. Simply turn it inside out (to protect the golden hand logo) and wash it in the washing machine at 86° Fahrenheit. COLOR: BLACK.  Available in sizes 6.0 to 10.5.  Please specify size when ordering.

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Price $65.95